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Learning English text in narrative, news item, descriptive, spoof, hortatory, review, and other types with generic structure and language features

Persuasive text - is nonfiction in which the author intends to convince the reader to adopt a particular opinion or to perform a certain action.
Persuasive Characteristics:
To take an informed stand on an issue using persuasive reasons and elaborating on those reasons.
The author considers the state of the reader’s emotion, beliefs, desires, commitments.
Attempts to solve a problem by invoking change.
Written to convince the reader to adopt the writer's point of view.
Focuses on a central purpose and sometimes relies on propaganda and sarcasm.
Author uses appeal to reason, emotional appeal, and endorsement by an influential figure (e.g., bandwagon approach, glittering generalities, testimonials, citing authority, statistics, other techniques that appeal to reason or emotion),
Persuasive Text Includes:
Introduction to the problem
Background to the problem
Proposal to remedy the problem
Argument for the proposal
Refutation of opposing sides
Call to action
Text types include:
Advertisements, book reviews, brochures, business letters, charitable campaign appeals, commercials, debates (written), editorials, essays, letters to the editor, movie critiques, political campaign literature, position papers, posters, single editorials or letters, speeches, etc.


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