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Learning English text in narrative, news item, descriptive, spoof, hortatory, review, and other types with generic structure and language features

Understanding some one text types is about experiences to read. You will not able to understand what the writer means if you’re not usually reading and I mean read everything.

The reading culture must be create from the beginning, like my son. I always try to make him learn something new by reading anything. It is not easy at the first time and I admitted that in Indonesia reading culture still very low. They like watching television or hearing radio for grabbing the information. Internet, blog ? It is still not too familiar for some peoples. That’s why I try to change from my self and my family to learn reading anything and about any kind of information. For example this website, I like the articles and motivating the reader to understand the kind of text.

Want to write ? Yes, we must learn to read first and then you can write something good and better late than never try to do to read. And also if you want to be a good writer, you will need a lot of time to read especially your topic going to write, because if not you will get stuck at the middle of your text.


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