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Learning English text in narrative, news item, descriptive, spoof, hortatory, review, and other types with generic structure and language features

This is my body. God gives me a prefect body. I am a beautiful creature and have complete parts of body.
In my head, there is a brain. I use it to think, learn and to be creative. I have two ears in the both sides of my head to hear. and listen. I have two eyes to watch. I can see anything with my eyes. I have a sharp nose to smell something. I can smell flowers and perfumed which I like. I have a mouth to speak and there is a tongue inside of my mouth to taste food.
In the lower part, I have two functional hands. They are also the main part of my body. I can do anything using my hands.
In the button of my body, there are legs. They are the foundation of my body. I use them to walk, go to school, cinema, park, zoo, and other favorite places. I love my body.


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